Academic Overview

Palmer Trinity is a student centered, Episcopal college preparatory school.  每个学生都面临着在一个教学和树立高学术和个人标准的社区中追求卓越的挑战.  Palmer Trinity admits students with personal integrity and academic potential.  学校致力于多元化,并寻求具有广泛学术兴趣和不同种族和社会经济背景的学生.

十大赌博信誉的平台的学术课程旨在促进智力发展和好奇心, to foster excellence in all disciplines, to stimulate and guide aesthetic appreciation, and to encourage physical well being.

Palmer Trinity demands much of its students, 挑战他们发展他们的潜力作为个人学者,同时期望他们参与和贡献学校社区的生活.  该计划旨在向学生灌输对智慧的热爱,并唤起他们对个人诚信的最高表达, 宽容, and social responsibility.  十大赌博信誉的平台通过坚持犹太教-基督教原则和道德传统,鼓励个人牺牲为他人服务,为学生的精神发展提供了义务.

Middle School Course of Study

每年, middle school students are required to take coursework in 英语, 数学, 科学, 社会研究, and physical education. Sixth-grade students participate in an exploratory “车轮”涉及世界语言和其他选修课程,在七年级和八年级提供.

6th Grade Discovery Wheel:
探索“车轮”是一门探索性的课程,旨在向六年级学生介绍帕尔默三一学校的各种课程. Students rotate through seven courses in a five-week rotation. Components of the Wheel include:
  • Chinese Language and Culture
  • 法国 Language and Culture
  • Spanish Language and Culture
  • Art, Drama, Broadcasting, and Civics
英文: Middle school students must complete three years of study in 英语. Students who have an interest in writing, 出版, and dramatic expression may elect to take an additional semester course in these areas.

数学: 中学生必须完成三年的数学课程,为学习几何做准备, 代数2, and other higher-level courses in the Upper School. 如果符合必要的标准,合格的学生可以被安排在加速数学序列中.

科学: Middle school students must complete three years of 科学. The program features a hands-on, 以发现为基础的课程,强调科学探究的技术,因为它探索了地球上的主题, 生活, and physical 科学.

历史: 中学生必须连续三年学习全球文化, 地理位置, and American Studies.

World Languages: 七年级和八年级的学生必须在适当的普通话教学水平上学习课程, 法国, 或西班牙语.

音乐艺术: Sixth-grade students must participate in instrumental or choral music; students in grades seven and eight may elect to continue their study of music by choosing among a variety of electives.

视觉艺术: Sixth-grade students study the visual arts as a part of the exploratory program; students in grades seven and eight may elect to continue their study of the visual arts by choosing among a variety of electives.

Physical Education: Middle school students must take Physical Education each semester.

Computer 科学:
Palmer Trinity operates a school-wide laptop computer program. Sixth-grade students receive a general overview in the basics of their laptops and some of the most widely used applications; seventh- and eighth-grade students may enroll in several Computer 科学 electives offered. 如果八年级学生选修了高中的计算机科学原理课程,那么一个学期的要求可能会被满足. 

Upper School Course of Study

A student must earn 23 ½ credits, distributed as follows, to meet Palmer Trinity School’s graduation requirements: 

英语:  Each student is required to earn four credits, one credit in each year of enrollment in the upper school. 
数学:每个学生必须获得三个数学学分,包括代数II以外的一个学分. A fourth year is strongly recommended.

Computer 科学:  Each student must complete at least one semester of credit in computer programming; the requirement may be met from grade eight to twelve.

科学:  Each student is required to earn three credits of laboratory 科学, specifically in Biology and Physics or Chemistry.  A fourth year is strongly recommended. 

History and Humanities:  Each student is required to earn three credits, specifically in World History, United States History, and a regional history.  A fourth year is strongly recommended. 

World Languages每个学生必须至少获得一门语言的两个学分(通过第三级). Four years of language study is strongly recommended.

Religious and Philosophical Studies每名学生须修一学分或两学期学分,包括世界宗教基础. 


Physical Education每个学生必须修满两个学期的学分,包括一个学期的健康课程.

Academic Electives在为十年级至十二年级学生设计的课程中,每个学生都需要额外获得五个学分. 

A student must enroll in a minimum of five academic courses each semester.  

Honors and Advanced Placement Courses 

帕尔默三一学校提供各学科的大学先修课程. Some departments also offer upper level Honors courses, 其中一些课程是该系大学先修课程的入门课程. Most Advanced Placement courses are content driven, a fact that requires students to maintain a brisk pace through the course of study. 此外, 大学先修课程要求学生高度参与课堂活动和书面作业. 因此,十大赌博信誉的平台鼓励学生一年只修三门大学先修课程. 参加大学先修课程的学生预计将在这些课程中学习一整年. Except in extraordinary circumstances, 每个参加大学先修课程的学生都必须在五月参加全国考试. 不参加AP考试的学生在AP课程的年终考试中可能会得到零分.

The School does not encourage appeals against teacher recommendations. Teacher recommendations are designed with the students’ academic interests foremost. All teachers review recommendations for each student yearly.  所有建议均经过全面考虑,并以部门指导方针和全面建议为基础. 

We have a small window in the Spring of each year when appeals may be filed. Should students wish to appeal, 他们可以从高中办公室获取申诉表格,并将其提交给现任老师. 

International Baccalaureate Diploma Program

帕尔默三一学校IB文凭课程致力于创造一个学习社区,挑战学生更高水平的思维和表现. 该计划的跨学科重点让学生看到联系并发展共同的使命, 目标, and respect within a collaborative setting. The program offers a world-class education in a private setting, where attention to the individual is paramount.

欲了解更多关于帕尔默三一国际文凭课程和申请流程,请访问 The School's IB Site.