Model United Nations Program Mission Statement

The mission of 帕尔默三一中学’s Model United Nations Program is to foster awareness and understanding of current global issues by having student delegates identify and confront significant challenges facing the world today. 模拟联合国 encourages students to engage in debate and achieve a compromise, leading to the crafting of innovative resolutions to tackle these international problems.

最重要的是, the PTS 模拟联合国 Program is a transformative learning experience that challenges student delegates to immerse themselves in the policies of the nations they represent and ultimately gain tremendous empathy throughout this process. This is a critical trait to develop in the field of international relations making successful diplomacy possible.

The PTS 模拟联合国 Program serves as a pillar among the school’s many international initiatives, helping to develop our students into global citizens.

Alejandro Alvarez-Paul Graduated 2020

"模拟联合国 comes down to building relationships. The final result was never what really mattered. It was the global mentality that it fostered that was that true goal of MUN. The interactions that I had greatly shaped how I interact every day of my life."


  • 我们是谁

    Model United Nations is an extracurricular activity in which students take on the role of actual delegates from the United Nations and engage in committees and debates which seek to find solutions to real-world problems. Model United Nations promotes and seeks to encourage civilized debates and disagreements while focusing on finding peaceful solutions and resolutions, all in a fun and engaging way.
    The Model United Nations program began at 帕尔默三一中学 in 2015 and since then it has become the largest-growing and club in the PTS community, with over 100 members as of 2022. Mr. 史密斯和太太. Cetta are the club’s advisors. The PTS MUN is an international club with two conferences that have happened outside of the US, 巴拿马的PANAMUN, 和上海的CISSMUN, 中国.  PTS MUN has also traveled around the country, with conferences at Stanford University, 约翰霍普金斯大学, 美国大学, 和纽约, as well as several others in Florida. 

    同样在2018年, Palmer Trinity hosted its first-ever conference MIAMUN which has since then grown to be a huge success. (Link to MIAMUN Page) MIAMUN has continued to be held annually since its inception. 截至去年, the Model United Nations program now includes the middle school, as well as the high school.



If you are interested in joining PTS Model United Nations, please contact Mr. 德里克。史密斯 or Ms. 苏西Cetta