帕尔默三一中学 is now accepting donations of cryptocurrency thanks to our secure, 由恩吉文的朋友提供的在线捐赠平台. Your support makes an impact on our students, faculty, and staff every day.

给有慈善精神的人, cryptocurrency investments held more than one year may provide a unique opportunity to donate highly appreciated assets to achieve maximum impact with charitable giving.

Donating long-term held cryptocurrency investments can potentially eliminate the capital gains tax you would incur if you sold the assets yourself and donated the proceeds. which may increase the amount available for charity by up to 20%. 第二个, if you itemize deductions on your tax return instead of taking the standard deduction, you may claim a fair market value charitable deduction for the tax year in which the gift is made.




  • 什么是加密货币?

    Cryptocurrency, 也被称为虚拟货币或“加密”,” is a digital asset designed to function as an alternative to traditional currencies (U.S. 美元, for example) whereby transactions between two parties are verified through a public, 分布式分类帐, 也被称为区块链. Most people think of Bitcoin or Ethereum when they hear the word “Crypto,,虽然它们目前是最受追捧的, there are thousands of unique cryptocurrencies in existence today.
  • 提供加密货币的过程安全可靠吗?

    就像任何形式的电子支付或交易一样, 有风险, 然而, our vendor Engiven has created certain safeguards they believe are needed to ensure that the transaction is secure. 将加密货币从捐赠者转移到非营利组织, Engiven believes the transaction can actually be more secure than many other forms of payment, provided certain protocols are followed: 1) By using the Engiven platform, both the nonprofit and the donor are required to undergo a simple but effective Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) screening which provides a high level of background security to ensure both parties are properly screened. 2)与任何加密货币交易一样, when transferring your tokens to 帕尔默三一中学's wallet to make a donation, do not expose or share your wallet’s private keys at any time.
  • 什么是给定的??

    The Engiven platform is a third-party vendor-provided donation software technology that enables nonprofits to safely and securely receive cryptocurrency donations and then convert those donations into usable fiat currency such as U.S. 美元. 在这里了解更多关于Engiven的信息.
  • Do I need to establish an account with Engiven to make a gift of Cryptocurrency to 帕尔默三一中学?

    No. 捐赠者不需要在Engiven开设账户. Simply visit our cryptocurrency donation page and follow the prompts to complete your donation.
  • Is it legal for 帕尔默三一中学 to accept donations of Cryptocurrency?

    是的. It is lawful for a nonprofit to accept a donation in the form of a cryptocurrency. 2014年3月, the United States Internal Revenue Service (IRS) ruled that Bitcoin is treated as property for tax purposes (IRS Notice 2014-21).
  • How are cryptocurrency donations treated for federal tax purposes?

    对你.S. tax purposes, transactions using virtual currency must be reported in U.S. 美元. Therefore, taxpayers will be required to determine the fair market value of virtual currency in U.S. 捐款当日的美元. If a virtual currency is listed on an exchange and the exchange rate is established by market supply and demand, the fair market value of the virtual currency is determined by converting the virtual currency into U.S. 美元 (or into another real currency which in turn can be converted into U.S. 美元) at the exchange rate, in a reasonable manner that is consistently applied. Donors who give cryptocurrency donations to 帕尔默三一中学 will receive an electronic donation receipt (through the Engiven donation platform) in U.S. 美元,每笔交易的详细信息.
  • I understand the value of cryptocurrency is extremely volatile.  学校如何处理捐赠的加密货币?  

    Engiven has been instructed to immediately liquidate cryptocurrency donations to 帕尔默三一中学. PTS receives the cash proceeds in our checking account within a few business days.
  • What will I need after I donate cryptocurrency in order to deduct the gift on my taxes?

    第一个, 如果你想从你的税款中扣除这笔捐款, 你必须包括你的名字, email and mailing address on the giving form so 帕尔默三一中学 can send you the proper paperwork.

    对于价值超过250美元的加密捐款, a standard noncash donation receipt from Palmer Trinity will be required. An electronic version will be sent to you immediately once the donation has been completed, and the Palmer Trinity will also send a printed version in the mail.
    对于价值超过500美元的加密捐款, 你也必须提交 表格8283(非现金慈善捐款).
    对于价值超过5000美元的加密捐款, it will be your responsibility to receive a qualified appraisal prepared by a qualified appraiser, 让他/她签名 表格8283(非现金慈善捐款). A signature from a representative from 帕尔默三一中学 is also required on Form 8283 for a gift of this size. 在你送完礼物之后, the Mission will mail a printed noncash donation receipt with further instructions.

    Please Note: Cryptocurrency donated to 帕尔默三一中学 is liquidated immediately after it is received. The value listed on your receipt will be the amount the School realizes upon sale of your donated coins. 根据美国国税局, determining final value of a cryptocurrency donation for tax purposes is the responsibility of the donor.